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  • Fougera Vitamin A + Vitamin D Ointment (Tube 8mL) 1

    Fougera Vitamin A + Vitamin D Ointment (Lip Tube / Sachet) 5mL

    Brow Aftercare R50R80

    Fougera Vitamin A + Vitamin D Ointment is a soothing aftercare ointment for post Microblading, Permanent Make-Up and Beauty Tattoo procedures.

    10 sachets or lip tubes per bag (5mL per tube/sachet)

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  • Lushcolor Repair Cream

    Lushcolor Repair Cream

    Brow Aftercare R95

    Lushcolour Repair Cream is a permanent makeup repair cream for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips which should be used following the PMU procedure. The cream contains BFGF (Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor) which helps rehydrate and repair the skin. It is an effective colour stabilizer and prevents discolouration of the area where the tattooing has been carried out.  The cream should be applied to clean skin using a cotton swab as often as 3-5 times a day for 3 days.

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