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Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

10th April 2023

It is just as important to look after your lash extensions as it is for your Lash Artist to prepare your lashes prior to application. You have not just spent your hard-earned money but also your precious time having beautiful eyelash extensions applied. So why is it important to follow…

A Must-Have BL Pure Clear Lip & Eye Makeup Remover

A Must-Have: BL Pure Clear Lip & Eye Makeup Remover

13th September 2022

Why using oil-free products will prolong eyelash extensions As eyelash extension professionals, it is essential to educate and inform our clients regarding their lash extension aftercare. Using an oil-based eye product will break down quicker the adhesive that bonds the extensions to the natural lashes, leading to premature lash loss.…

How to use BL Silicone Work Pad for Eyelash Extensions

4th February 2022

NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Your favorite lash pad, BL Lashes Silicone Work Pad, is now available in chic Gray Color. Why use the BL Lashes Silicone Work Pad? It’s a clean and efficient way of keeping your workstation organized You can attach/detach strips of lashes on the work pad very easily…

Mobicred Credit Facility

Buy Now & Pay Later with the Mobicred Credit Facility

23rd August 2021

How does it work? Register or login with us as usual. Select the item(s) you want to buy. Checkout as normal. Choose Mobicred as the payment option. It will redirect you to the Mobicred website where you will need to do a simple 2-step application. You will get an answer…

Lash Adhesive on Crystal Tile

Increase the Life of Your Adhesive

7th April 2021

Most modern eyelash extensions glue are Cyanoacrylate based adhesives. These type of adhesives have a long shelf life especially when kept sealed in the fridge. The manufacturer of our famous SKY Glue Adhesives guarantees perfect performance for 6 weeks of daily use in a busy salon. SKY Glue cures (or…

Eyelash Extensions Kit Bag | LASH Vegas

What does an Eyelash Extensions Artist need? A complete guide to planning the starter bag for a beginner stylist.

31st December 2018

Properly planning the starter bag tends to be very difficult, and to choose the products that will work well for the artist will affect the quality of work. We would like to present in a very simple and accessible way an absolute must have starter bag for every person who is…

RefectoCil all colours with styling

RefectoCil Colour Match

27th December 2018

The following illustration shows you at a glance which tints match each type of colouring and the colour results which can be achieved using the RefectoCil colours, depending on the natural hair colour.  The darker the natural hair is, the darker the result will be. The wide range of RefectoCil colours…

The Micro-Bubble Technique is the most popular glue application technique

The Micro-Bubble Technique

11th September 2017

Goodbye Mascara! Eyelash extensions allow for the enhanced beauty of a flawless natural look. With the choice of Classic Eyelash Extensions or Volume Eyelash Extensions. The Micro-Bubble Technique is the most famous adhesive-application technique around the World, used by the most advanced eyelash extensions professionals. Micro-Bubble Technique TIPS: Never ‘paint’ the adhesive…

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