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  • Eyelash & Brow Wands

    Brow Disposables R75R125

    These bristled brushes shape and grooms eyebrow hair into place, creating a volumized, bushy effect. Eyelash Wands are also useful for blending in previously applied brow color or prepping for gels.

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  • Volumising Silicone Eyelash & Brow Wands (10 pcs)

    Brow Disposables R40

    These disposable silicone mascara wands feature a flexible head and can used for a number of different applications including grooming lashes and brows, isolating eyelashes during extension application and as an aftercare product for your clients for lash maintenance.

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  • Lip Gloss Wands for Eyelash Extensions

    Lip Gloss Wands

    Brow Disposables R55R155

    Lint-free, without the fibers that could become entangled in eyelash extensions. Will not hook around the eyelash extensions and pull them out. Can be used with bond remover, lash primer to distribute any of these products around the lash area.

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  • Micro-brush Applicators (100/barrel) [4 types]

    Micro-Brush Applicators (100 pcs)

    Brow Disposables R130

    Micro-Brush Applicators aid with the application and removal of eyelash extensions. They can also be used to apply various solutions to the lashes, such as primer, bond remover, eyelash tint and even lash lift solutions. Available in applicator size tips: 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm. 100 pcs per barrel

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  • Micro-Brush Applicators Dispenser Tool

    Brow Disposables R115R150

    This unique and convenient Micro-Brush Applicators Dispenser Tool releases one Micro-Brush Applicator at a time.

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  • Pigment Cups with Sponge Pink and Black

    Surgically Sterilised Pigment Ring Cup with Sponge (1 pc)

    Brow Disposables R6

    Surgically sterilised pigment ring cup with a sponge interior

    • individually packaged
    • surgically sterilised
    • pigment ring cup
    • with a sponge interior
    • sold individually as one piece (1 pc)
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  • Surgically Sterilised Pigment Ring Cup with Cap (1 pc)

    Brow Disposables R6

    Surgically sterilised pigment ring cup with cap

    • individually packaged
    • surgically sterilised
    • pigment ring cup
    • with cap
    • sold individually as one piece (1 pc)
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  • Flower-Shaped Pigment Ring Cups (50 pcs)

    Brow Disposables R95

    50 flower-shaped pigment ring cups

    • 50 pigment ring cups
    • flower-shaped
    • sold as a bag of 50 pieces (50 pcs)
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  • Pigment Ring Cups with Caps (50 pcs)

    Brow Disposables R125

    50 pigment ring cups with caps

    • 50 pigment ring cups
    • with caps
    • sold as a bag of 50 pieces (50 pcs)
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  • Pigment Cups

    Brow Disposables R25R80

    These pigment cups are designed with a wide cup edge, which can prevent the pigment from spilling.

    Available Sizes:

    • Small – 8mm diameter
    • Medium – 12mm diameter
    • Large – 15mm diameter
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  • Silicone Pigment Ring Cups (100 pcs)

    Brow Disposables R115

    Each bag contains 100 Silicone Pigment Ring Cups (100 pcs)

    Available Sizes:

    • Small (no seperator) – 13mm
    • Medium (no seperator) – 15mm
    • Large (with seperator) – 18mm
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  • Silicone Pigment Cups

    Brow Disposables R55R100

    Each bag contains either 50 or 100 Silicone Pigment Ring Cups (50 pcs or 100 pcs)

    Available Sizes:

    • Small – 8mm
    • Large – 13mm
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  • Self-Adhesive PMU Pen Bandage Wrap

    Brow Disposables R40

    This Self-Adhesive PMU / Tattoo Pen Bandage Wrap is perfect to add to complete your tray setup when performing procedures related to permanent make-up, tattooing, and cosmetic tattoo. This helps PMU / Tattoo Artists to grip machines with ease.

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  • Pre-Inked Eyebrow Mapping String

    Pre-Inked Eyebrow Mapping String (10m / 20m)

    Brow Disposables R95R155

    Our Eyebrow Mapping String is a pre-inked string perfect for eyebrow mapping in procedures such as Threading, Microblading, Tinting, and Permanent Make-Up. Featuring a highly saturated, thin ink, it makes for a quick and easy mapping session. Achieve precise brow mapping with our Pre-inked Mapping String.

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  • Pink Mob Caps Surgical Bonnets (25 pcs per bag)

    Pink Mob Caps Surgical Bonnets (25 pcs / bag)

    Brow Disposables R20

    Pink Mob Caps are also known as Surgical Bonnets (sterile) and are used to keep your hair away from your work area. These are available in rose-pink colour, especially for professional salon use.

    • 25 mob caps per bag at R20
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  • BADI Microblading Plastic Wrap

    BADI Microblading Plastic Wrap

    Brow Disposables R80

    Clear Protective Wrap Cover. Used for microblading, tattooing, permanent makeup tattooing, and brow lamination. Comes with plastic wrap cutter for clean, precise cutting.

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  • PMU Wrap Film - Gold Box

    PMU Cling Wrap Film (Gold Box)

    Brow Disposables R50R60

    This ultra-thin, clear film serves a multitude of uses!

    • Permanent makeup occlusive covering: Apply it over your anesthetic to form an occlusive covering which helps to increase efficacy.
    • Permanent makeup pigment push: Apply it over the final “pigment push, or pigment mask” at the end of each PMU appointment while the color soaks in.
    • Brow Lamination: Use this thin film to protect and cover the brow area while your formulas are processing.
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  • Blue Disposable Nitrile Gloves (50 pairs per box)

    Brow Disposables R110R195
    • POWDER-FREE! Will not dry out your hands or contaminate your work surfaces with undesirable material.
    • NEW TECHNOLOGY! Textured fingertips that feel like the touch of skin!
    • NON-SLIPPERY! No slipping, even when wet!
    • LATEX-FREE! (Up to 17% of the population have an allergy to latex which results in Irritant Contact Dermatitis.) Although more expensive, Nitrile gloves material is the way-of-the-future for all medical-grade/surgical gloves.
    • ODOURLESS! Will not leave your hands with an unpleasant odour!
    • 100 Gloves per box = 50 pairs per box!
    • The very best gloves available anywhere in the world!
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