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  • Rechargeable Light Microblading Pen

    Hand Tools R350

    This Microblading manual pen for tattooing is made from durable aluminium alloy, with a built in LED lamp powered by battery (AAA) or AC electrical power.

    *** Rechargeable Light Microblading Pen Blades sold seperately !!

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  • 3 in 1 Multifunctional Hand Pen

    Hand Tools R195

    The 3 in 1 Multifunctional Hand Pen is a wonderful smart hand tool for Microblading and permanent makeup. It is easy to use, does not require electricity, and provides stability during the procedure. It has dual-functional ends, with 3 different head attachments possible at either end.

    Using ‘lock pin’ technology which allows for 3 types of needles, curved flex, round and flat needles, to be easily secured firmly and interchanged in the two heads of the hand pen.

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  • Double-Sided Microblading Pen | LASH Vegas

    Double-Sided Microblading Pen

    Hand Tools R195

    The Double-Sided Microblading Pen makes it easier to complete freehand brushwork in eyebrow enhancement. The Double-headed functions provide for both round shading blades, U-blades and regular 7-17 flat blades, all held in place by a professional lock-pin device.

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  • Dual-Head Acrylic Diamond Microblading Pen

    Hand Tools R195

    This dual-headed Microblading pen has the advantage of the artist using 2 different needles simultaneously and alternating between them – with one needle in each head at opposite ends of the pen.

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  • 3 in 1 Aluminium Alloy Microblading Pen

    3 in 1 Aluminium Alloy Microblading Pen

    Hand Tools R195

    Durable 3 in 1 Aluminium Alloy Microblading Pen with lock-pin technology and ergonomic grip specially designed for microblading.

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  • AutoCleavable Stainless Steel Microblading Pen - Compatible with all microblades (60g)

    AutoCleavable Stainless Steel Microblading Pen

    Hand Tools R225

    AutoCleavable Stainless Steel Microblading Pen which is compatible with all microblades.  This heavy-duty stainless steel manual pen is sterilized through a process known as autoclaving, and with proper care will perform multiple beautiful Microblading procedures.  This durable metal pen is light, making it easy to use and is suitable for various types of Microblading needles.

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  • Microshading Roller Hand Tool

    Microshading Roller Hand Tool

    Hand Tools R105

    *** Microshading Roller Needles sold seperately !!

    ​Roller needles is one of the newest microshading tools. It is the fastest manual shading method available as each stroke leaves a trail of tiny dots, similar to how PMU machines dispense pigment to the skin.

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  • Golden Luxury 45° Angle Blister Packing Disposable Manual Pen

    Hand Tools R70R90

    Available in Blade Types:

    • 9CF Blade – 0.18mm thickness
    • 12CF Blade – 0.20mm thickness
    • 14CF Blade – 0.20mm thickness
    • 17CF Blade – 0.25mm thickness
    • 18U Blade – 0.18mm thickness
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