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  • RefectoCil Lash & Brow Booster [6 mL] Eyelash Growth Serum

    RefectoCil Lash & Brow Booster [6 mL]

    Lash Lift & Tint R600

    Up to 56% longer lashes and thicker, stronger eyebrows! Refectocil Lash & Brow Booster 2 in 1 contains an effective combination of active ingredients that prolong the growth phase of the hair and thereby help the hair grow longer. Results can be seen only after 6 weeks regular usage. In 93% of the test group*, lashes and eyebrows had grown significantly by 10 weeks. The innovative applicator allows precise application to the lash line and to a wider area of the eyebrows.

    * Effectiveness and compatibility have been proven and confirmed in a clinical test with 30 persons by a renowned German test institute.

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  • Elite Lash Lift Tool for Eyelash Extensions

    Elite Lash Lift Tool

    Instruments R295

    Elite Lash Lift Tool used to facilitate the lash lift procedure. Stainless steel point perfectly separates lashes during the lash Lift process. Easily maneuver lashes and apply them to the lash lift rods/shields with this sleek and durable tool. This lash lift tool is meant to be used by professional lash lift stylists only.

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  • Lash Lift Premium Kit by ShineE

    Lash Lift Premium Kit (sachets) by ShineE

    Lash Lift & Tint R1,875

    A Lash Lift is an improvement on the old “lash perm” of previous years. Unlike the perming rods used in the past, new specially created silicon shields lift the lashes from the root only, creating a subtle, natural lift, giving the illusion of length and making the eyes appear more open.

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  • Lash Lift Adhesive by ShineE

    Lash Lift Adhesive by ShineE [5 mL]

    Lash Lift & Tint R275

    Lash Lift Adhesive is used to adhere Lash Lift Silicone Curlers / Shields onto the eyelid, as well as to assist in holding the natural lashes onto the shield during the lash lifting application.

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  • Lash Lift Solution #1 Lifting/Perming (Pink)

    Lash Lift Solution #1 Lifting / Perming (Pink)

    Lash Lift & Tint R230R375

    Lash Lift Solution #1 Lifting/Perming used to break down and soften the protein bonds of the natural lashes.

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  • ShineE Lash Lift Solution #2 (sachets) Fixing/Setting

    Lash Lift Solution #2 Fixing / Setting (Blue)

    Lash Lift & Tint R230R375

    Used to strengthen the bonds of the natural lashes again.

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  • Lash Lift Solution #3 Repairing/Nourishing/Conditioning (Clear/Yellow)

    Lash Lift Solution #3 Repairing / Nourishing / Conditioning (Clear/Yellow)

    Lash Lift & Tint R230R375

    Used to repair, nourish, condition and re-hydrate the natural lashes.

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  • Lash Lift Silicone Curlers/Shields (5 pairs per box)

    Lash Lift Silicone Curlers / Shields (5 pairs per box)

    Lash Lift & Tint R145

    Used to shape and lift the natural lashes. Available in 5 sizes – Small (S), Medium (M), Medium-1 (M1), Medium-2 (M2) and Large (L). The size refers to the length of the lashes and not the width of the pad. They can be trimmed to length using scissors. One pack of pads contains 5 pairs per box (10 pcs per box).

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  • Lash Lift Y Brush

    Lash Lift Y Brush (5 per box)

    Lash Lift & Tint R135

    The silicon based Lash Lift  Y Brush was developed to cut down time on each application, increase accuracy with each stroke and makes the application process more practical and comfortable

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  • RefectoCil all colours

    RefectoCil Lash & Brow Tint

    Lash Lift & Tint R95

    The solution to eyelash & eyebrow tinting
    A world leading brand since 1930. RefectoCil today is prominently represented in more than 65 countries. RefectoCil eyelash and eyebrow tints have been proven and recognised due to millions of successful applications as the leading product for more than 70 years.

    Refer to the COLOUR MATCH CHART illustration that will show you at a glance which tints match each type of colouring and the colour results which can be achieved using the RefectoCil colours, depending on the natural hair colour. The darker the natural hair is, the darker the result will be. The wide range of RefectoCil colours is made up of 8 different colours, enabling individual and professional colour results to be achieved.

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  • RefectoCil Oxidant Cream 100mL

    Lash Lift & Tint R105

    RefectoCil Oxidant Cream 100mL is the creamy alternative to the liquid oxidant. A stabilised, creme based and subtly fragranced developed for the RefectoCil eyelash & eyebrow tints. Only the use of RefectoCil Oxidant Cream guarantees the tinting results of RefectoCil Tints.

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  • RefectoCil Tint Remover

    Lash Lift & Tint R145

    Removes stains that develop during tinting easily and quickly.

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