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  • Glamcor Multimedia X – Universal Phone Clip Included

    Brow Equipment R5390

    Create high-quality and professionally lit content with the GLAMCOR Multimedia X. This LED multimedia light kit with a Universal Phone Clip is sleek, modern, and compact, with cutting-edge technology. (Additional accessories sold separately).

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  • Glamcor Elite X

    Brow Equipment R4335

    ELITE X is one of our best selling lighting solutions. It has won the hearts of many beauty professionals for its bright LED lights and quick and easy assembly. ELITE X has five dimming stages and two flexible arms. It’s lightweight, comes with a carry bag, and can be stored immediately. No cooldown time necessary.

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  • Glamcor Reveal

    Brow Equipment R3145

    Unveil your best work with the GLAMCOR REVEAL – a portable LED lamp with a table clamp. REVEAL is a powerful single lamp with five dimming stages with a flexible arm that can be easily maneuvered in any position in order to best light up your table or desk. It’s small, lightweight, and compact design is ideal for traveling and in-house services.

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  • BL Acrylic Tweezer Stand

    Brow Equipment R455

    Great organization tool to keep your lash tweezers safe and neat.

    BL branded lash tweezers holder is a light acrylic storage solution where you can keep all your favorite tweezers within reach.

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  • LED Magnifying Glasses for Eyelash Extensions

    LED Magnifying Glasses

    Brow Equipment R400

    These LED Magnifying Glasses are perfect for eyelash extensions and microblading applications. The glasses come with 5 interchangeable, scratch resistant lenses (1.0x, 1.5x, 2.0x, 2.5x, 3.5x).

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  • Ergonomic Lash Pillow

    Brow Equipment R150R720

    Our specialty therapeutic ergonomic/physiotherapy lash pillow offers your clients the absolute best in neck-support for their maximum comfort during an application of eyelash extensions.

    Best physical shape to fit most comfortably and perfectly against the human body. There has never been a better design than this pillow.


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  • BL Lashes Gel Remover (15ml)

    Adhesives R215
    • Safe and controllable way to remove unwanted lash extensions
    • Suitable for removing partial extensions before the fill-in
    • Bottle Type, 15ml

    BL Gel lash remover is a safe way to remove unwanted lash extensions. The formula is highly controllable and makes the removal of partial extensions a lot easier.

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  • BL Lashes Remover – Liquid Type (10ml)

    Adhesives R175
    • Liquid type eyelash extension remover
    • Suitable for experienced practitioners
    • Bottle type, 10ml

    The application and use of BL liquid eyelash extensions remover must only be carried out by trained practitioners, but in expert hands, only minimal effort is required. Shake well before use.

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  • LADY Pink Gel Bond Remover 15mL (SKY brand)

    Adhesives R220

    Pink gel formulation eyelash extension glue remover (SKY Brand). This product is designed to safely and gently remove lash extensions, which works best on removing eyelash extensions that were attached using SKY Glue.

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  • BL Lashes Blink Lash Primer [50 mL]

    BL Lashes Blink Lash Primer [50 mL]

    Lashes Equipment R260

    This lash primer is used to clean, disinfect and prepare the natural lashes. The primer will remove all traces of protein, dirt, oil, make-up on the natural lashes. This will help the extensions to bond and adhere to the natural lashes.

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  • Lash Primer - Spray Type [40 mL]

    Lash Primer – Spray Type [40 mL]

    Lashes Equipment R315

    Lash Primer ensures stronger adhesion of glue and longer maintenance of lash extensions

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  • Lash Primer Brush Type

    Lash Primer – Brush Type [10 mL]

    Lashes Equipment R190

    Lash Primer ensures stronger adhesion of glue and longer maintenance of lash extensions. Produced by the SKY Glue manufacturer

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  • Lash Primer - Rose Mascara Type

    Lash Primer – Mascara Type [10 mL]

    Lashes Equipment R190

    Lash Primer ensures stronger adhesion of glue and longer maintenance of eyelash extensions

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  • BL Lashes Pure Clear Lip&Eye Makeup Remover [100mL]

    Lashes Aftercare R285

    BL Pure Clear Lip & Eye Makeup Remover is oil-free and designed to gently remove all makeup residue, keeping natural lashes and eyelash extensions in tip-top condition. And it’s an excellent retail product which you can sell to clients to earn extra income.

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  • LADY Lip & Eye Make-Up Remover (100 mL)

    Lashes Aftercare R265

    LADY Lip & Eye Make-Up Remover is a thorough cleansing formulation to nourish and remove all makeup and impurities. Specially formulated and designed to work with your eyelash extensions.

    Produced by the SKY Glue manufacturer.

    Large bottle 100mL.

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  • BL Lashes Blink Anti-Allergy Gel [50 g]

    BL Lashes Blink Anti-Allergy Gel [50 g]

    Lashes Equipment R360

    Anti-Allergy Gel by BL Lashes reduces toxic fumes within your work space by absorbing excess lash glue fumes with its activated gel (similar to activated carbon, but in a beautiful gel form). For sensitive clients, this is the perfect solution for reducing any reaction or irritation to fumes from eyelash adhesives.

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  • Nano Mister - Designer Shape White

    Nano Mister – Designer Shape (White / Pink / Black)

    Lashes Equipment R425

    A Nano Mister is a small handheld device which sprays a controlled micro-mist of water from it’s nozzle. It is used in the lash extension application process after the extensions have been attached to the natural lashes, effectively curing the eyelash extension adhesive. Clients will experience less irritation from the adhesives

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  • Nano Mister – NANUM/Candy Colour (Pink / Yellow / Blue)

    Lashes Equipment R215

    Nano Mister – Candy Colour for eyelash extensions is a small handheld device which sprays a controlled micro-mist of water from it’s nozzle. It is used in the lash extension application process after the extensions have been attached to the natural lashes, effectively curing the eyelash extension adhesive. Furthermore this device also helps with other applications along with skin care, moisturizing and facial massaging

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  • BL Lash Holder

    Lashes Equipment R225

    Lash Holder holds and organizes your lashes for faster and easier lash application.

    Size: 75mm x 150mm x 8mm

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  • BL Blink Half-Moon Lash Holder

    BL Lashes Blink Half-Moon Lash Holder

    Lashes Equipment R155

    The curvature of the half-moon shaped lash holder spreads a strip of extensions effectively, it speeds application time and is an ideal tool for making fans for the volume extension.

    The BL Lashes Blink Half-Moon Lash Holder has a lid to let you keep your lashes clean and sanitary. It allows the lashes to spread out more so you can pick the lashes more easily from the lash strip.

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  • Luxury Curved Glass Lashes Tile for Eyelash Extensions

    Luxury Curved Glass Lashes Tile

    Lashes Equipment R150R180

    Speed up your applications with this great Luxury Curved Glass Lashes Tile!

    The curved surface perfectly fans out the lashes strips for easy and fast picking of each lash extension!

    • Made of Premium Smooth Glass
    • Length-80mm • Width-50mm • Height-12mm
    • Curved surface for perfect fanning of lashes strips
    • Fast & easy picking of each lash extension for a faster application time.

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  • BL Lash Pad

    Lashes Equipment R75

    This pad (case) is an ideal holder for loose ProMade Volume Fans and individual loose lashes allowing easy pickup and hygienic storage.

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  • BL Lashes Silicone Pad

    Lashes Equipment R65

    Place your eyelash extensions on this fabulous large round silicone lash mat and have all the lashes jump up to attention like little soldiers. So much easier to pick them up this way! The static energy of the lashes fibre against the silicone mat surface is the perfect match.

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  • BL Lashes Silicone Work Pad [Gray]

    Lashes Equipment R135

    This Silicone Work Pad is perfect for laying out your volume lashes for an easy to pick-up working surface. Soft cushion-like surface prevents damage of tweezer tips and is suitable to place on the forehead of clients during volume extension.

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  • ProMade Fan Silicone Pad

    Lashes Equipment R85

    If you’re wanting to become super-efficient and organised with your ProMade Volume Fans or Easy Fanning Lashes, then our ProMade Fan Silicone Pad will keep you lashing easier and faster!

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  • VOLUME Drop Dot (unique silicone)

    Lashes Equipment R55

    The Volume Drop Dot assists with the creation of Volume Lashes Fans. Made of a unique silicone material that easily gathers the bases of eyelash extensions together to form a point

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  • BL Glue Plate Film

    BL Lashes Glue Plate Film (30 pcs)

    Disposables R130

    Glue Plate Film is a sticker that attaches to jade stone or crystal block to hold adhesive during the eyelash extension procedure.

    The double-coated surface of the Glue Plate film helps maintain the glue ideal convex shape which helps to prolong the working time of extension adhesives.

    The disposable nature of this sticker film makes your cleanup process easier and faster, too.

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  • Octagonal Crystal Glue Stone to place your eyelash extensions adhesive while applying eyelash extensions.

    Octagonal Crystal Glue Stone

    Lashes Equipment R70

    Use this Crystal Lash Tile to place your eyelash extensions adhesive while applying eyelash extensions.

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  • Teardrop Adhesive Holder

    Teardrop Adhesive Holder (10 pcs)

    Disposables R90

    Teardrop Adhesive Holder for eyelash extensions is a disposable eyelash extensions tool that improves the economical use of lash adhesive.

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  • Jade Stone for Adhesive

    Lashes Equipment R70

    The round Jade Stone for adhesive is used in the application of eyelash extensions.

    Perfect for keeping your eyelash extensions adhesive cool to minimise the product drying.

    Can be used together with the Silver Aluminium Foil Adhesive Stickers for an easier faster clean up post treatment.

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  • Pink Crystal Adhesive Tile for Eyelash Extensions

    Crystal Adhesive Tile

    Lashes Equipment R70

    Place your eyelash extensions glue and silver aluminium foil adhesive stickers on this cute pink crystal-cut adhesive tile. Convenient, stylish and easy to work with! Available in colours pink and yellow.

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  • Diamond Glue Rings for Eyelash Extensions

    Diamond Glue Rings

    Lashes Equipment R85

    Diamond Glue Rings are used to hold glue, remover or lash primer. Great for use during the eyelash extension application.

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  • Aluminium Adhesive Glue Stickers for Eyelash Extensions Application

    Silver Aluminium Foil Adhesive Stickers

    Disposables R155R270

    Silver Aluminium Foil Adhesive Stickers for eyelash extensions. 

    Available in the following sizes:

    • Small Adhesive Stickers (12.5 mm) = R155 (100 pcs per pack)
    • Large Adhesive Stickers (25 mm) = R270 (60 pcs per pack)
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  • Adhesive Storage Container

    Lashes Equipment R230

    Extend the Life of Your Adhesives.

    Our handy little adhesive storage container is completely airtight, moisture-proof and waterproof which means your adhesives will stay fresher, for longer.

    Keep all of your adhesives in a perfectly controlled environment! This vacuum-sealed glue storage container has room for 3 bottles of your favorite SKY Glue or BL Lashes Adhesives and will keep extra moisture far, far away. If you struggle with temperature or humidity control in your lashing space, this will help give you consistency where you need it most around your adhesive.

    • 100% Airtight
    • Moisture-proof
    • Waterproof
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  • Lashes Mini Fan for Eyelash Extensions

    Lashes Mini Fan

    Lashes Equipment R225

    Fantastic tool for any professional lash extensions kit. Dry lashes adhesive in double quick time. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably into your hand. Small and compact with a very powerful fan

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  • Big Air Blower

    Lashes Equipment R80

    The Big Air Blower pump for eyelash extensions helps to dry the eyelash extensions adhesive quickly without touching the natural lashes during the Eyelash Extensions.

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  • BL Heated Eyelash Curler

    Lashes Equipment R495

    The BL Lashes heated eyelash curler uses safe heat to straighten or curl natural lashes that are hard to approach. Simply use the heated wand to manipulate the natural lashes in the direction you’d like them to set and apply lash extensions as usual.

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  • BL Lashes Comb Brush

    Lashes Equipment R65

    BL Lashes Comb Brush for Lash Extension Application is the perfect tool for brushing out lashes before and after the extension application.

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  • Large Dental Mirror for Eyelash Extensions

    Large Square Dental Mirror for Eyelash Extensions

    Instruments R250

    The Large Square Dental Mirror for Eyelash Extensions allows you to easily view and check your client’s lashes. Never twist and hurt your neck again while trying to see and check her lashes!

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  • Tweezers Protector Bracelet – R150

    Instruments R75

    Select a Bracelet Wrist Band (R75) and a Tweezers Rope (R75) = R150.

    Don’t let your precious tweezers ever fall on the floor again!
    Introducing the Tweezers Protector Bracelet.

    Be sure to select a bracelet and also a rope (sold separately)

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  • Six Tweezers Elastic Case

    Tweezers Case 6-Piece (elastic grips for 6 instruments)

    Instruments R215
    •  Rexine material with luster
    • 7 metallic colours available (white, silver, light gold, gold, light pink, pink, black)
    • Perfect for the LASH Vegas Professional Collection Tweezers
    • Holds 6-piece tweezers/tools
    • With elastic grip

    Tweezers not included

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  • Magnetic Tweezers Case (3 Piece)

    Instruments R125

    Magnetic Eyelash Extensions Twee