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  • BL Lash Pad

    BL Lash Pad

    Lashes Equipment R85

    This pad (case) is an ideal holder for loose ProMade Volume Fans and individual loose lashes allowing easy pickup and hygienic storage.

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  • BL Lashes Silicone Pad

    BL Lashes Silicone Pad

    Lashes Equipment R65

    Place your eyelash extensions on this fabulous large round silicone lash mat and have all the lashes jump up to attention like little soldiers. So much easier to pick them up this way! The static energy of the lashes fibre against the silicone mat surface is the perfect match.

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  • BL Lashes Silicone Work Pad [Gray]

    BL Lashes Silicone Work Pad [Gray]

    Lashes Equipment R135

    This Silicone Work Pad is perfect for laying out your volume lashes for an easy to pick-up working surface. Soft cushion-like surface prevents damage of tweezer tips and is suitable to place on the forehead of clients during volume extension.

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  • BL Lashes Wink Me Lint-Free Gel Eye Pads

    Disposables R26

    BL Lashes Lint-Free Gel Eye Pads have a lint-free coating, designed to prevent lash tweezers from becoming entangled in the fibers during application leading to a hassle-free application. Enjoy a seamless lash extension process with BL lint-free eye patch.

    Ultra-soothing gel pads are made with anti-aging nutrients such as collagen & arbutin fortified. It keeps the skin under the eye moist and firm. You can sell/retail this to your clients to boost profits.


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  • Lint-Free Gel Eye Pads

    Lint-Free Gel Eye Pads

    Disposables R80R335

    ​Lint-Free Gel Eye Pads are used as both an eye treatment and a useful cover to protect the lower lashes during eyelash extensions application.

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  • Eyelash & Brow Wands

    Brow Disposables R75R95

    These bristled brushes shape and grooms eyebrow hair into place, creating a volumized, bushy effect. Eyelash Wands are also useful for blending in previously applied brow color or prepping for gels.

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  • Volumising Silicone Eyelash & Brow Wands (10 pcs)

    Brow Disposables R40

    These disposable silicone mascara wands feature a flexible head and can used for a number of different applications including grooming lashes and brows, isolating eyelashes during extension application and as an aftercare product for your clients for lash maintenance.

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  • Lip Gloss Wands for Eyelash Extensions

    Lip Gloss Wands

    Brow Disposables R55R155

    Lint-free, without the fibers that could become entangled in eyelash extensions. Will not hook around the eyelash extensions and pull them out. Can be used with bond remover, lash primer to distribute any of these products around the lash area.

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  • Micro-Brush Applicators (100 pcs)

    Brow Disposables R95R130

    Micro-Brush Applicators aid with the application and removal of eyelash extensions. They can also be used to apply various solutions to the lashes, such as primer, bond remover, eyelash tint and even lash lift solutions. Available in applicator size tips: 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm. 100 pcs per barrel

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  • LV-SB-FLEX-U-0.18MM-18U

    Micro-Brush Applicators Dispenser Tool

    Brow Disposables R105

    This unique and convenient Micro-Brush Applicators Dispenser Tool releases one Micro-Brush Applicator at a time.

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  • ProMade Fans Silicone Pad

    Lashes Equipment R65

    If you want to become super-efficient and organised with your ProMade Volume Fans or Easy Fanning Lashes, then our ProMade Fans Silicone Pad will keep you lashing easier and faster!

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  • VOLUME Drop Dot (unique silicone)

    Lashes Equipment R55

    The Volume Drop Dot assists with the creation of Volume Lashes Fans. Made of a unique silicone material that easily gathers the bases of eyelash extensions together to form a point

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  • Glue Rings (with 2-wells divider, diameter 9mm/18mm)

    Glue Rings (with 2-wells divider, diameter 9mm/18mm)

    Disposables R30R55

    Glue Rings are used to hold eyelash extensions adhesive, remover or lash primer. Great for use during the eyelash extension and Microblading tattoo application.

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  • Flower-Shaped Glue Cup (with 2-wells divider, diameter 9mm)

    Blooming Flower-Shaped Glue Cup (with 2-wells divider, diameter 9mm)

    Disposables R55R205
    Assists with creating the perfect Volume fans.
    Easy fanning made super-easy!
    • With 2-wells divider
    • Diameter: 9mm

    (Glue Rings[large] without the 2-well divider must be bought separately!)

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  • Pink Flower-Shaped Glue Cups for Eyelash Extensions

    Pink Flower-Shaped Glue Cups

    Disposables R35R110
    • A Good Tool for the Eyelash Extensions application – Increase application speed and prevent lash adhesive from solidifying quickly
    • Save Money and Glue – With a total of seven grids, one glue cup can be used seven times
    • High-quality Material – Made of high-quality plastic, firm and durable
    • Easy to Use – Quick use and no mess to clean up.
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  • Teardrop Adhesive Holder

    Teardrop Adhesive Holder (10 pcs)

    Disposables R75

    Teardrop Adhesive Holder for eyelash extensions is a disposable eyelash extensions tool that improves the economical use of lash adhesive.

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  • Octagonal Crystal Glue Stone to place your eyelash extensions adhesive while applying eyelash extensions.

    Octagonal Crystal Glue Stone

    Lashes Equipment R70

    Use this Crystal Lash Tile to place your eyelash extensions adhesive while applying eyelash extensions.

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  • Jade Glue Stone for Eyelash Extensions Adhesive

    Jade Stone for Adhesive

    Lashes Equipment R75

    The round Jade Stone for adhesive is used in the application of eyelash extensions.

    Perfect for keeping your eyelash extensions adhesive cool to minimise the product drying.

    Can be used together with the Silver Aluminium Foil Adhesive Stickers for an easier faster clean up post treatment.

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  • Pink Crystal Adhesive Tile for Eyelash Extensions

    Crystal Adhesive Tile

    Lashes Equipment R80

    Place your eyelash extensions glue and silver aluminium foil adhesive stickers on this cute pink crystal-cut adhesive tile. Convenient, stylish and easy to work with! Available in colours pink and yellow.

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  • Aluminium Adhesive Glue Stickers for Eyelash Extensions Application

    Silver Aluminium Foil Stickers for Adhesive

    Disposables R155R185

    Silver Aluminium Foil Adhesive Stickers for eyelash extensions. 

    Available in the following sizes:

    • Small Adhesive Stickers (12.5 mm) = R155  (100 pcs per pack)
    • Large Adhesive Stickers (25 mm) = R185  (60 pcs per pack)
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  • BL Glue Plate Film

    BL Lashes Glue Plate Film (30 pcs)

    Disposables R130

    Glue Plate Film is a sticker that attaches to jade stone or crystal block to hold adhesive during the eyelash extension procedure.

    The double-coated surface of the Glue Plate film helps maintain the glue ideal convex shape which helps to prolong the working time of extension adhesives.

    The disposable nature of this sticker film makes your cleanup process easier and faster, too.

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  • Glue Tape for Adhesive by BL Lashes (3 pcs / pack)

    Disposables R165
    • Keeps glue drop fresher for a much longer period
    • 3 Tape rolls in one package
    • Suitable for handmade volume artists and new lash artists
    • Not to be used on the client’s face
    • Thickness x Lenght: 12.5mm x 9.1m

    BL Glue Tape for adhesive helps eyelash extension glue to stay in its perfect droplet shape for a longer period.

    The special PE coating on the Glue Tape provides a much smoother surface area and blocks out moisture from entering the paper tape.

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  • Diamond Glue Rings

    Lashes Equipment R70

    Diamond Glue Rings are used to hold glue, remover or lash primer. Great for use during the eyelash extension application.

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  • 3M Micropore Tape (12mm Thickness)

    3M Micropore Tape (12mm Thickness)

    Disposables R35

    3M Micropore Tape (12mm x 10m) works very well for keeping the gel eyepads in place during eyelash extension applications. It may also be used for sticking strips of lashes firmly to the back of your hand.

    Lighter than Transpore Tape.

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  • 3M Transpore Tape (12.5mm x 9.1m)

    Disposables R45

    3M Transpore Tape (12.5mm x 9.1m) works very well for keeping the lint-free gel eye pads in place during eyelash extension applications. It may also be used for sticking strips of lashes firmly to the back of your hand or to your work surface.

    (This item is sold as 1 pc and not 24 pcs in a box)

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  • Pink Micropore Tape (12.5mm x 9.1m)

    Pink Lint-Free Micropore Tape (12.5mm x 9.1m)

    Disposables R45

    Pink Micropore Tape is gentle but effective for protecting your client’s lower lashes while assisting with isolation. Gentle and stays in place.

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  • Japanese Nichiban Tape for Eyelash Extensions

    Japanese Nichiban Breathable Microfoam Tape for Eyelash Extensions

    Disposables R45

    Hypoallergenic and latex-free. Soft & flexible texture to hold bottom lashes down and secure eye patches from shifting during the application. Gentle for skin no sharp edges but strong adhesion – Comfortable for your clients. Made with flexible and moisture-permeable polyolefin film


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  • Foam Tape for Eyelash Extensions

    Foam Tape (25mm x 4m)

    Disposables R60
    • Great alternative for clients who are sensitive to eye pads
    • An elastic foam, hypoallergenic paper tape that is gentle to the skin, yet adheres well and leaves minimal adhesive residue upon removal
    • Contains no rubber latex or dry natural rubber
    • 4m (length) x 2.5cm (width) x 1mm (thickness)
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  • Tape Dispenser/Cutter Desktop

    Disposables R65

    Forget ripping lash tape by hand or fiddling around with scissors. Grab one of these handy lash tape dispensers so you get the exact length of tape you want in seconds.

    This item Tape Dispenser/Cutter Desktop is sold as is, separately and without tape included.

      1. 3M Micropore Tape (12mm Thickness)
      2. 3M Transpore Tape (12.5mm x 9.1m)
      3. Pink Lint-Free Micropore Tape
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  • Tape Dispenser for Micropore and Transpore Tape

    Tape Dispenser

    Disposables R35

    This item Tape Dispenser is sold as is, seperately and without tape included.

    Tape for the Tape Dispenser is sold seperately.

      1. 3M Micropore Tape (12mm Thickness)
      2. 3M Transpore Tape (12.5mm x 9.1m)
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