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  • BL Lashes Wink Me Lint-Free Gel Eye Pads

    Disposables R26

    BL Lashes Lint-Free Gel Eye Pads have a lint-free coating, designed to prevent lash tweezers from becoming entangled in the fibers during application leading to a hassle-free application. Enjoy a seamless lash extension process with BL lint-free eye patch.

    Ultra-soothing gel pads are made with anti-aging nutrients such as collagen & arbutin fortified. It keeps the skin under the eye moist and firm. You can sell/retail this to your clients to boost profits.


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  • Lint-Free Gel Eye Pads

    Lint-Free Gel Eye Pads

    Disposables R80R335

    ​Lint-Free Gel Eye Pads are used as both an eye treatment and a useful cover to protect the lower lashes during eyelash extensions application.

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