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  • BL Crystal Mascara Brush

    Lashes Aftercare R115

    Offer your clients the best tool to groom their lashes and brows.

    This soft spiral brush is gentle enough for any eyelash extensions, with a crystal handle and sleek design, this elegant tool is lightweight and very attractive!

    The brush bristles may be washed to keep them clean and hygienic.

    This is a great tool to retail to your clients as a lashes ‘aftercare product’.

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  • BL Black Eyeliner Adhesive for False Strip Lashes

    Adhesives R300
    • 2-in-1 Eyeliner & Adhesive | The revolutionary BL Glue Eyeliner is an eyeliner and lash glue in one. It’s perfect for a quick, easy, and mess-free make-up solution.
    • Fast-Drying & Strong | Simply line your upper lid with the BL Glue Eyeliner, place your fake lashes, and you’re ready to go! Not only that, but BL Glue Eyeliner will keep your falsies in place all day long.
    • Compatible with all Strip Lashes | BL Glue Eyeliner works for all of your favorite lashes: strip, magnetic, and flare.
    • Retail Product | This is the perfect product to retail to your lash clients who love to wear strip glam lashes.
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  • BL Rich Brow Serum

    Lashes Aftercare R1055

    If you are a Lash Artist or Salon Owner please get in touch with us for the wholesale “Discount” code:

    Filled with nourishing and active ingredients that stimulate hair growth, BL Rich Eyebrow Serum is a revolutionary solution for bare or thin eyebrows. Not even the damage from over-plucked brows can stop this formula from working. It includes vitamins, peptides, and proteins that strengthen each strand of hair to leave you with healthier-looking eyebrows.

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  • MD Advanced Lash Growth Serum

    Lashes Aftercare R995

    If you are a Lash Artist or Salon Owner please get in touch with us for the wholesale “Discount” code:

    MD Advanced is a scientifically advanced lash growth serum that promotes the rapid growth in natural lashes. Enriched with polypeptides and carnosine, this formula promotes rapid lash growth.

    This product means that anyone can have long, shiny, voluminous natural lashes within one month. It also helps increase the number of healthy natural lashes which produces more effective results in lash extension. This is a great retail item for your clients.

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  • RefectoCil Lash & Brow Booster [6 mL]

    Lash Lift & Tint R925

    Up to 56% longer lashes and thicker, stronger eyebrows! Refectocil Lash & Brow Booster 2 in 1 contains an effective combination of active ingredients that prolong the growth phase of the hair and thereby help the hair grow longer. Results can be seen only after 6 weeks regular usage. In 93% of the test group*, lashes and eyebrows had grown significantly by 10 weeks. The innovative applicator allows precise application to the lash line and to a wider area of the eyebrows.

    * Effectiveness and compatibility have been proven and confirmed in a clinical test with 30 persons by a renowned German test institute.

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  • QBÉKA Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum

    Lashes Aftercare R200

    QBÉKA Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum can give you long, dense and healthy eyelashes & eyebrows too and provide nutrition to them.

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  • BL Lashes Lash Essence

    BL Lashes Blink Lash Essence [10 mL]

    Lashes Aftercare R650

    If you are a Lash Artist or Salon Owner please get in touch with us for the wholesale “Discount” code:

    BL Lashes Lash Essence by Blink contains bamboo and green tea extracts which moisturises natural lashes, helping them to grow thicker. Useful for brittle eyelashes.

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  • BL Lashes Eyeable Liquid Liner

    Lashes Aftercare R255

    Lash extension-friendly formula BL Eyeable Liquid Liner won’t strip your lashes, and although it’s waterproof, it can be easily removed with warm water. Its pen design ensures precise application, making it perfect for everything from cat-eyes to thin lines.

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  • BL Beauty Bag

    Luxury Items R425
    BL Beauty Bag for eyelash extension aftercare kit

    This LUX BL Beauty bag will fit all your aftercare beauty essentials. Made of stylish yet durable material, BL Beauty Bag is a perfect base to build your aftercare kit for your lash clients.

    it is 24cm wide, 15cm tall, 6.5cm deep.

    Small enough to fit in a tote bag and big enough to contain all the aftercare goodies!

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  • Vanity Make-Up Mirror Tri-Fold with 21 LED Lights (Rose Gold)

    Tri-Fold Salon Beauty Mirror with 20 LED Lights

    Luxury Items R750R800

    Tri-fold vanity make-up mirror with 20 bright LED lights provides a wide-angle to enhance facial features and allow for a perfect beauty or make-up application.

    Dimensions LxWxH: 22cm x 10cm x 32cm, when extended open has a 44cm width.

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  • Pocket Beauty Mirror with 8 LED Lights

    Luxury Items R205

    Portable Magnifying Makeup Mirror – Two-sided folding mirror, regular mirror for true image and 2 times magnifying mirror for close ups. Comes with the battery already installed.

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  • World’s Greatest Professional Slant-Nose Eyebrow Tweezers

    Instruments R275

    After 6 long years of searching the entire planet, finally we can bring to you:

    The World’s Greatest Professional Slant-Nose Eyebrow Tweezers

    Made from the highest quality German stainless steel, with mirror finish of polished chrome. Highly polished precision slanted ends for all your professional fine tweezing needs, anywhere on the face or body.

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  • Square Hand Mirror

    Lashes Aftercare R165

    Our cute little BL Square Hand Mirror is the perfect tool for your clients to admire their lashes after an application.

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  • GLAMCOR Lash Protecting Sleep Mask

    Luxury Items R250

    Protects your eyelash extensions while you sleep with 3D Design. The lining is smooth and flexes with the lashes to prevent damage and shedding

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  • DEESS Home/Salon IPL Permanent Hair Removal Machine (350,000 Flashes)

    DEESS Home/Salon IPL Permanent Hair Removal Machine (350,000 Flashes)

    Luxury Items R3995

    Advanced Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology, delivering permanent results. 350,000 Flashes with permanent hair removal results

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  • DEESS Hair Removal IPL Lamp

    DEESS IPL Lamps (replacement lamp cartridges)

    Luxury Items R1150

    DEESS IPL GP582 Lamp Replacement Cartridges available:

    Hair Removal (HR), Skin Rejuvenation (SR) and Acne Clearance (AC)

    350,000 Flashes (lamp lifespan)

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  • PIL'ATEN Blackhead Removal Mask

    PIL’ATEN Blackhead Removal Mask (peal-off, pore cleansing)

    Luxury Items R20R150

    Deep face pore-cleansing blackhead suction mask

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  • Christian Faye Eyebrow Make-Up Stencils (Sexy/Petite/Attractive)

    Luxury Items R125

    The eyebrow stencils from Christian Faye are easy to use and provide quick help to achieve perfect shaped eyebrows.

    Eyebrow stencils are important since they can help create the perfect shape you need for your eyebrows, which frame your face and divulge your true personality.

    Eyebrow stencils are the perfect tool to avoid the struggles of having poorly shaped or asymmetrical eyebrows.

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  • PIL'ATEN Collagen Lip-Plumping Mask (Pink)

    PIL’ATEN Collagen Plumping Lip Masks (Pink)

    Luxury Items R35

    Collagen infused gel mask which soothes the lips while gently plumping and hydrating. Suitable for all kinds of skin, especially sensitive skin

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  • Collagen Lip Plumping Masks (Pink or Gold)

    Collagen Plumping Lip Masks (Pink or Gold)

    Luxury Items R35

    Collagen infused gel mask which soothes the lips while gently plumping and hydrating. Suitable for all kinds of skin, especially sensitive skin. Available in colours gold or pink.

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  • Collagen Crystal Eye Mask Pads (Pink or Gold)

    Collagen Crystal Eye Pads/Masks (Pink / Gold / Black)

    Luxury Items R35

    Collagen infused crystal eye mask pads which soothes and hydrates the eyelid area. Collagen Crystal Eye Mask Pads are suitable for all kinds of skin, especially sensitive skin. Use these mask pads on clients during lash appointments, gently encouraging your client to lie peacefully still

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  • Organic Raw Cacao Powder (850g)

    Luxury Items R495

    As a lash artist, Organic Raw Cacao Powder will give you the edge as, besides all its other beneficial properties, it assists your brain in developing the skills you need in your field. Those skills are much the same skills as a surgeon has, which is a combination of hand and eye coordination and the ability for your brain to transmit to your hands exactly what your eye sees.

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  • Real Thing Mega Omega Supreme (60 Capsules)

    Luxury Items R185

    As a lash artist, it’s essential that you develop the hand-eye coordination that is required for the delicate work you need to master in this highly skilful art. Real Thing Omega Supreme capsules contain DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) a substance that supports a broad range of cell membrane properties, particularly in the grey matter of the brain.

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  • 3M SoftFoam Ear Plugs 37dB (Strongest Sound Block!!) – 1 PAIR

    Luxury Items R15

    • Most powerful earplugs in the world with the strongest sound block = 37dB!
    • Blocks more sound than any other ear plugs from anywhere in the world!
    • Produced by 3M the world’s leading manufacturer of medical-grade consumables!
    • Made of highest-quality polyurethane for satisfaction guaranteed!

    Get a good night’s rest TODAY!

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