The Micro-Bubble Technique

Goodbye Mascara! Eyelash extensions allow for the enhanced beauty of a flawless natural look. With the choice of Classic Eyelash Extensions or Volume Eyelash Extensions. The Micro-Bubble Technique is the most famous adhesive-application technique around the World, used by the most advanced eyelash extensions professionals.

Micro-Bubble Technique TIPS:
  1. Never ‘paint’ the adhesive up and down the natural lash [bad technique allowing extensions bases to lift and extensions peel off the natural lashes]. Rather focus your efforts on the base of the extension.
  2. Gather a micro bubble [the size of a sugar crystal] on the very base of the extension to be applied.
  3. Press down the bubble against the isolated natural lash [no other natural lashes should be alongside it].
  4. Make sure that you can see the micro-bubble amount of adhesive that you have gathered at the very base of the extensions to be applied. An invisible amount of glue will not bond. The micro-bubble glue should be visible as the size of a sugar crystal and it’s position should be at the very base of the extension to secure proper attachment.
  5. If the glue bulges very slightly on either side of the extension [which is normal], make use of the disposable micro-brush applicator [with 1mm diameter], or the side/back of your tweezer to smooth the adhesive down the lash [towards you] directly to the absolute base of the extension [where the strongest bond will form for maximum retention].
  6. If you decide to quickly pick up the extension again [before glue completely dried] to reposition it, note that you will need another fresh drop [micro-bubble] of adhesive
Adhesive Tips:
  • Before use, always mix the glue with a ‘swirl-shake’, or firmly pat the glue against your palm [of hand].
  • Never shake ‘up-and-down’ very vigorously to avoid glue collecting in the lid [and drying hard].
  • After aliquoting out a portion [drop] of the glue always [dry] wipe the nib tip [of the adhesive bottle] clean using paper-towel each time after aliquoting out a portion [drop] of the glue.
  • Always replace the cap [of adhesive bottle] quickly and tightly immediately each time directly after use to avoid excess air [oxygen] entering the bottle.
  • Always store your adhesive in an upright position in the refrigerator [at 0-4°C] in long periods of time between clients or overnight.
  • Never wipe the nib tip of the adhesive bottle with water or acetone since either of these as well as air [oxygen] will negatively change the glue.

Please note, the term ‘Micro-Bubble Technique’ and this information was invented by Lash Master Nastassia Jaffa.

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