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  • Ergonomic Lash Pillow (Pink) for Eyelash Extensions, Permanent Makeup and Microblading

    Ergonomic Lash Pillow

    Brow Equipment R150R800

    Our specialty therapeutic ergonomic/physiotherapy lash pillow offers your clients the absolute best in neck-support for their maximum comfort during an application of eyelash extensions.

    Best physical shape to fit most comfortably and perfectly against the human body. There has never been a better design than this pillow.


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  • Nano Mister - Designer Shape White

    Nano Mister – Designer Shape (White / Pink / Black)

    Lashes Equipment R425

    A Nano Mister is a small handheld device which sprays a controlled micro-mist of water from it’s nozzle. It is used in the lash extension application process after the extensions have been attached to the natural lashes, effectively curing the eyelash extension adhesive. Clients will experience less irritation from the adhesives

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  • Teardrop Adhesive Holder

    Teardrop Adhesive Holder (10 pcs)

    Disposables R90

    Teardrop Adhesive Holder for eyelash extensions is a disposable eyelash extensions tool that improves the economical use of lash adhesive.

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  • Vanity Make-Up Mirror Tri-Fold with 21 LED Lights (Rose Gold)

    Tri-Fold Salon Beauty Mirror with 20 LED Lights

    Luxury Items R750R800

    Tri-fold vanity make-up mirror with 20 bright LED lights provides a wide-angle to enhance facial features and allow for a perfect beauty or make-up application.

    Dimensions LxWxH: 22cm x 10cm x 32cm, when extended open has a 44cm width.

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  • Sale! Pocket Beauty Mirror with 8 LED Lights

    Pocket Beauty Mirror with 8 LED Lights

    Luxury Items R205

    Portable Magnifying Makeup Mirror – Two-sided folding mirror, regular mirror for true image and 2 times magnifying mirror for close ups. Comes with the battery already installed.

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  • Tweezers Protector Bracelet – R150

    Instruments R75

    Select a Bracelet Wrist Band (R75) and a Tweezers Rope (R75) = R150.

    Don’t let your precious tweezers ever fall on the floor again!
    Introducing the Tweezers Protector Bracelet.

    Be sure to select a bracelet and also a rope (sold separately)

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  • Six Tweezers Elastic Case

    Tweezers Case 6-Piece (elastic grips for 6 instruments)

    Instruments R215
    •  Rexine material with luster
    • 7 metallic colours available (white, silver, light gold, gold, light pink, pink, black)
    • Perfect for the LASH Vegas Professional Collection Tweezers
    • Holds 6-piece tweezers/tools
    • With elastic grip

    Tweezers not included

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  • Magnetic Tweezers Case (3 Piece)

    Instruments R125

    Magnetic Eyelash Extensions Tweezers Case without internal elastics to secure the tweezers in place

    • Magnetic case (without internal elastics to secure the tweezers in place)
    • Fits up to 3 Tweezers or Tools
    • Available in 10 colours (light pink, dark pink, light blue, dark blue, green, purple, gold, silver, black, white)
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  • Lushcolor Eyebrow Micro Pigments

    Lushcolor PMU Micropigments Collection

    Skin Pigments R400

    Lushcolor PMU Micropigments are used specifically for microblading, eyeliners and lips with high quality pigments that are natural looking and in rich colours. With a selection of 14 shades and many mixing possibilities, there are endless artistic varieties that can be customised to each client’s needs.

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  • TKTX Topical Anaesthetic Numbing Cream 10g (full range)

    TKTX Topical Anaesthetic Numbing Cream 10g

    Anaesthetics R325

    TKTX Topical Anaesthetic Numbing Cream (10 gram) effectively reduces the discomfort and pain of tattoos and permanent make-up procedures.

    Active ingredients:  5.0% lidocaine, 5.0% prilocaine and 1.0% epinephrine (adrenaline).

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  • Sale! Dual-Head Acrylic Diamond Microblading Pen

    Dual-Head Acrylic Diamond Microblading Pen

    Hand Tools R195

    This dual-headed Microblading pen has the advantage of the artist using 2 different needles simultaneously and alternating between them – with one needle in each head at opposite ends of the pen.

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  • Sale! Disposable Eyebrow Shading Pen (Black and White)
  • 'Coloured Soft' Eyebrow Pencil (Pull)

    ‘Coloured Soft’ Eyebrow Pencil (Pull)

    Brow Equipment R75
    • Quality waterproof eyebrow pencils for microblading
    • Easy to use, just pull the cord and sharpen eyebrow pencil the way you prefer
    • 6 available colours
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  • Microblading and permanent makeup ink mixer

    PMU Ink Mixer

    Brow Equipment R225

    This is a useful handheld tool to ensure a smooth and even dispersal of inks you require to form a unique colour for your tattooing or permanent makeup. Ink Mixers Sticks available here.

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  • PMU Ink Mixer Sticks

    PMU Ink Mixer Sticks (5 pcs)

    Brow Equipment R15

    These single-use mixing sticks for the PMU Ink Mixer are clean and hygienic, which can effectively reduce the possibility of cross-contamination. Available in packs of 5 pcs.

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