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  • SKY Zone Z Gel Bond Remover 15mL

    Adhesives & Removers R275

    SKY Zone Z Gel Adhesive Debonder / Bond Remover is an eyelash extension glue remover (produced by the SKY Glue manufacturer). This product is designed to safely and gently remove lash extensions, which works best on removing eyelash extensions that were attached using SKY Glue, however, it can be used on any other eyelash extension adhesive available on the market.

    • Produced by the manufacturer of SKY Glue
    • This fantastic bond remover also works well on removing all attached eyelash extensions
    • One of the most wonderful adhesive bond removers available in the world!
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  • ProMade Fans Silicone Pad

    Lashes Equipment R65

    If you want to become super-efficient and organised with your ProMade Volume Fans or Easy Fanning Lashes, then our ProMade Fans Silicone Pad will keep you lashing easier and faster!

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  • Teardrop Adhesive Holder (10 pcs)

    Disposables R40

    Teardrop Adhesive Holder for eyelash extensions is a disposable eyelash extensions tool that improves the economical use of lash adhesive.

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  • Diamond Glue Rings

    Lashes Equipment R70

    Diamond Glue Rings are used to hold glue, remover or lash primer. Great for use during the eyelash extension application.

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