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  • Blue Disposable Nitrile Gloves (50 pairs per box)

    Brow Disposables R275
    • POWDER-FREE! Will not dry out your hands or contaminate your work surfaces with undesirable material.
    • NEW TECHNOLOGY! Textured fingertips that feel like the touch of skin!
    • NON-SLIPPERY! No slipping, even when wet!
    • LATEX-FREE! (Up to 17% of the population have an allergy to latex which results in Irritant Contact Dermatitis.) Although more expensive, Nitrile gloves material is the way-of-the-future for all medical-grade/surgical gloves.
    • ODOURLESS! Will not leave your hands with an unpleasant odour!
    • 100 Gloves per box = 50 pairs per box!
    • The very best gloves available anywhere in the world!
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